Open Doors Pastors Intelligence Briefings Fall Lineup

March 28, 2018 by Lindy Lowry in

In August, October and late November/early December, Open Doors is working with churches to host Open Doors Pastors Intelligence Briefings–designed to help you learn more about the daily lives and needs of church leaders that are risking their lives to lead the Church in countries where it’s the most dangerous to express your faith.

For each live gathering of local/regional church leaders, we’re bringing in Open Doors ministry partners who are working with indigenous churches in places like Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Central Asia and Egypt.

You’ll hear firsthand from leaders in these areas who will share insight and inspiring accounts that reveal God’s unfolding story for His people.

Open Doors Pastors Intelligence Briefings Fall Lineup

Below is the lineup. If your church or churches in your area are interested in hosting an Open Doors Intelligence Briefing and want more information, please email Andrew Richards: [email protected]

  • August 19-31: Eastern half of U.S.–focusing on Southeast Asia and countries like Vietnam
  • October 1-15: Western half of U.S.–focusing on Iraq, Syria and Central Asia
  • November 26-December 6: Region TBD–focusing on Egypt
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