Pakistan: ISIS Guns Down Christian Family in the Street

April 3, 2018 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

We have reports that a Christian family was killed one day after Easter Sunday in a targeted attack in Pakistan by ISIS militants.

Three men and a woman–all members of the same family–were reportedly killed in the western city of Quetta the day after Easter on Monday evening when armed men opened fire on the rickshaw carrying them. A 12-year-old girl, also in the rickshaw, survived and was taken to the hospital, reports Pakistan’s Dawn news agency.

The family from the Pakistani province of Punjab had traveled to Quetta, a town near the Afghanistan border, to celebrate Easter with relatives. This attack comes three months after ISIS militants stormed a church compound in Quetta right before Christmas, killing nine people.

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ISIS Claims Responsibility

The attack targeted the family for their faith.

“One young girl has been wounded, and four people have been killed, they were all Christians,” Ali Mardan, a senior police official, told Al Jazeera.

An Islamic State press statement released on Tuesday said that a “covert unit” of ISIS militants “managed to target a number of the combatant Christians.”

The statement adds that the militants “shot them … which resulted in the killing of four of them, and all praise is due to Allah.”

NPR reports: “By targeting the family on the road, the gunmen found a weak link: Pakistani forces had stepped up security around churches to stop militants who target Christians on their holiest days. But the roads are still vulnerable.”

A Reminder to Pray for Our Persecuted Family

The tragic attack is a sobering reminder to be in prayer for our persecuted brothers and sisters each day and especially during Christian celebrations like Easter and Christmas. Holidays we celebrate publicly without concern or fear of violence have become increasingly dangerous and volatile times of the year for persecuted Christians around the world.

Please be in prayer for this family and our persecuted Christians in Pakistan:

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