Pastor Held Responsible for Christian Event

October 13, 2016 by Open Doors in

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Gafur*, a pastor from a Central Asian country, has been arrested for hosting an evangelistic event.

During the month of August, Pastor Gafur teamed up with the state Bible society to create an evangelist event for blind and visually-impaired people. The event occurred at Pastor Gafur’s protestant church. During the event, the Bible society distributed special Bibles for the visually-impaired attendees.

The day after the event, Pastor Gafur received a phone call asking him to visit the office of national security to talk about the recent event.

After arriving, he was asked the following questions: Where was the event held? Who gave them permission to hold the event? Why didn’t church leadership contact the local authorities about this event?

Pastor Gafur replied, saying they received permission and had acquired all the required documents for the event.

In reality, Pastor Gafur had not received any permission at all.

Now Pastor Gafur is being charged with violating Article 140 (holding unauthorized meeting, rallies and marches) of the Administrative Code of the Republic. He can be charged anywhere between 10 to 100 times the minimum wage salary ($27- $2700 U.S. dollars). Pastor Gafur is also receiving all the blame because the Bible society director avoided responsibility for organizing the event.

Pray for Pastor Gafur and his situation. Pray for a just trial and a fair case.

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