Pastor In Need Of Prayer As He Recovers From Violent Attack

May 9, 2016 by Open Doors in Africa

photo: Michael’s father praying for his son’s recovery

An evangelist involved in cross-cultural ministry in Eastern Uganda is in need of prayer as he recovers from a violent attack in which he sustained serious head injuries.

On February 27, Michael (last name withheld for security reasons), 27, husband and father of two, was ambushed by a group of about 10 Muslims as he left an inter-parish fellowship and headed to what he thought was a business meeting at the local shopping center.

Bystanders, hearing Michael’s cries for help, rushed over to see the mob who had been beating and kicking him run away. An unconscious Michael was taken to a nearby clinic, with deep lacerations to his head and hand.

Open Doors coworkers visited Michael’s family shortly after the attack and found him heavily sedated because of brain swelling. Michael’s pastor, who also remains unnamed for security reasons, told us, “Michael has been very effective in evangelism and this greatly angered the locals and the families of converts.”

He was ambushed on his way to meet with a stranger who had given him a business proposal over the phone.

Police later arrested one suspect and said they were actively investigating the matter.

Michael is now on the path to recovery. By mid-April he was able to talk again and walk short distances. He is looking forward to resuming his ministry and the small business he started to take care of his young family.

“Thank you for coming to visit with me,” he said. “I was told about it when I regained consciousness, and it comforted me greatly to know how much you care. May God richly bless you!” OD, in partnership with the local church, has also taken care of his medical bills and medication and has provided support towards food items for his family during his recovery.

Please join us in prayer:

Thank the Lord for Michael’s faith and his love for Him. Pray that the Lord will use the attack and the events surrounding it to bring people around Michael into a saving relationship with Himself.

Please pray for a full recovery for Michael.

Uganda guarantees freedom of religion. Please pray for justice to be done, and that people considering such attacks would realize that they will not be allowed to continue with impunity.