Pastor released from Tajikistan prison: ‘Your prayers helped us stand strong’

February 22, 2020 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

In late 2019, we got word that Tajikistan Pastor Bahrom Kholmatov—imprisoned in 2017 for “extremism,” including testimony that neighbors were unable to relax in their homes due to loud singing coming from the church—would be released six months early. He celebrated Christmas 2019 with his family and church. While he was in prison, Open Doors walked with his family, including letters of encouragement to him. Recently, we received a thank you letter from him and his wife Gulnora addressed to you:

“Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. 2017-2019 for us, have been years of testing of our faith and walking with God, not only for my family, but for many Christian churches in our country. These challenges have taught us to unite more and trust the Lord in difficulties. During my imprisonment, many Christians from all over the world stood in solidarity with us—evidenced by the letters I received with your words of comfort and prayerful support.  Many Christians prayed for me and for my family. Your prayers helped us to stand strong, through all these difficulties to grow spiritually and to transform into the nature of our Heavenly Lord! Thank you from all my heart! Glory to God!”

“God has shown Himself through many brothers and sisters and also through you. My family and I are very happy for the prayer support and physical care you have provided.

“Early last year, my church was attacked by wicked people and the church building was confiscated by the court. Our church is now gathering inside a 40-ton container. We pray now for a new building for our church. We also ask you to participate in prayer and support us in this.

“God bless you all!!!”

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