Police beat, tortured Pastor Shekhar but he was never alone

August 24, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Stories of Persecution

Police beat, tortured Pastor Shekhar, but he was never alone

While hosting a prayer meeting, policemen barged in and began threatening all those in attendance.  In recalling the incident, Pastor Shekhar* shares, “It was at this moment I realized our time of persecution had come.”

Pastor Shekhar had always known he was taking a risk. He read in his Bible, in Matthew 10, that when Jesus sent out His disciples, He told them they were going out to be like sheep among wolves. Although fearful of what might happen, Pastor Shekhar continued to share about the Jesus he had found.

His story is one of heartbreak and unbelievable trauma, but also of joy in the global community of believers. Watch as Pastor Shekhar shares his story of surrender, faith and the power of our prayers.

*name changed to protect identity

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