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Persecuted Christians and a Post Kim Jong-Il North Korea

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

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As the news of Kim Jong-Il’s death is being shared around the world, there have been many different reactions.

Some are relieved that this dictator is no longer in power and believe that his son and successor, Kim Jong-Un, will be a leader that cares more for the people of North Korea. Others fear that this transition will make life in North Korea even worse than it was before.

Many news agencies are only focusing on the reaction to Kim Jong-Il’s death and are omitting the horrific details of what life was like under his regime. Approximately 2-4 million North Koreans starved to death in the 1990’s.  The political prison camps of North Korea were expanded under Kim Jong-Il’s reign with at least 200,000 prisoners in these camps. These citizens were imprisoned solely for falling out of favor with the regime, for being Christian or for being related to someone who fell out of favor with the regime. Repatriation of North Korean refugees often results in execution or detention. Numerous documents show that forced abortions and experimentation on prisoners with chemical weapons are common.

These human rights violations are even worse for Christians living in North Korea. In North Korea, any form of worship to anyone other than the “Great Leader” (Kim Il-Sung) and the “Supreme Leader” (Kim Jong-Il) is seen as treason. North Korean Christians are often arrested, tortured or even killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. There are an estimated 400,000 secret believers in North Korea. Of these, an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 Christians are being held in North Korean prison camps where they face even more horrific treatment than other prisoners. You can learn more about what life is like for Christians in North Korea in World Watch-North Korea:

The future of North Korea is very much unknown. This is why it is vital that we pray for this country and for the Christians in it. Thank you for joining with us in this important task!



2 responses to “Persecuted Christians and a Post Kim Jong-Il North Korea”

  1. Persecution of the followers of Jesus is not new, and has always been in this world. About a month ago, the film called ”Quo Vadis” (from the 1960s) was shown on the local tv in England, and some of my friends were amazed to see how the Christians can have joy and peace while under such persecution. It is a blessing from God to explain that Jesus, our Saviour, Holy Lamb, Son of God, is the only way to have this real joy and peace, and we only can know this after we ask Jesus into our hearts. I am so happy to read that many are being helped, as this article shows, and we continue to pray that God will save and protect you, and He is always faithful to direct each of us as we look to HIM. God bless you, love in our Christ from Karen

  2. Hello all. To you the journalist and to all my brothers and sisters in the Middle East and Africa. I am writing to you from Northern California, USA. In terms of encouragement, brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus is the same whether here or there. He is with us. Living inside of us. Everlasting peace and joy. Brothers for the past couple weeks you have all been on my mind day and night. I am heart broken to what I hear and see happening to my brothers and sisters. Parents and children. I pray for you brothers. But from here across the world, to you in the epicenter of attention, we are with you in Spirit. The heart aching and longing to be able to be with you guys. We have not turned a blind eye. And of course, Jesus never will. Brothers as I’m reading the Word, from the New Testament to the books of the prophets, our Lord’s coming is near. Hold on brothers. With patience and endurance. These present sufferings aren’t worth comparing to the coming reward which is Christ Himself. And how glorious it is to see that across the world, my brothers and sisters know this. We will not deny Christ! Remember brothers what Jesus said, that no servant is greater than his master. If they hated Him first, they will hate us. Jesus said we will be hated by all nations because of Him, but so be it! Brothers, we are aliens to this world. Our Lords Kingdom is not of the earth. Over and over again as I read, all I can conclude to is that we will be saved (as we are). The enemy is already under our feet. Stomp on him. Death is defeated!
    Please brothers. Somebody at the camp, please contact me. Send me an email. I will love to speak to you. Both me and my wife will love to talk to you. You and your families. We are with you. But again, please send an email

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