Persecuted Youth Groups

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


When I was in high school, I was blessed to be a part of an amazing youth group. The group had such a passion for God and loved worshipping together.

However, a few years after high school, I discovered that some of my friends had walked away from their faith. Some had stopped attending church because they were ‘too busy’ while others had left their faith due to a new secularism that they had been introduced to in college.

When I look at this in comparison with youth groups who face persecution, I am even more amazed that they stand strong through the storm:

Trie is a youth pastor in Vietnam. He hosted a church service with 30 people in attendance. At 7 p.m., police officers, local leaders, and unidentified civilians surrounded his house. The officers went in and checked each person’s identification card. When they learned that there were children and young students present, they called for the parents.

Since then, Trie and his church have endured opposition. One night, dung mixed with engineering oil was thrown at his house. On another occasion, a group of young men stopped some students who were coming from a youth service at his house. One of the youth believers said to them, ‘we did not do anything wrong; why are you bothering us?’ His words set off the men and they began beating him.

As soon as Trie heard what was happening he ran out to stop the men from beating the students, but the men began beating him instead. The pastor was brought to the hospital- his whole body was swollen, and several bruises were found on his head, legs, and back.

Please pray for the persecuted youth to stand strong through the storm!


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