Persecution That Most Pastors Will Never Know

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Cairo. Pastor Khaled was looking forward to going to church. He knew that the congregation needed encouragement after the recent massacre where 24 Christian demonstrators were run down and killed by anti-riot army vehicles and 250 others had been injured. Sorrow and insecurity sat heavily upon them and he was determined to lift their spirits.

However, while on his way to church, the brakes of his car began acting strangely and decided to forgo the usual fellowship after the service and visit his mechanic instead.

Barely making it to his usual repair shop, he was dismayed to learn that it was closed. Looking for another shop he felt fortunate to find one so close to his home. The mechanic was a Muslim and was working alone that day. Always looking for an opportunity to build bridges and witness for Christ, Pastor Khalded offered his assistance.

The repair took several hours. Eventually the mechanic asked him where he worked. “I am a pastor,” Khaled replied. The mechanic did not comment, and they continued working. Once the repairs were complete the mechanic went under the car for a final check. Pulling himself up, he told Khaled, “Your brakes will be a bit soft in the beginning.”  Khaled thanked him, paid the bill and left.

As he headed home a car suddenly cut in front of him. To avoid an accident he quickly slammed the brakes – nothing happened! In a panic, Khaled pulled the hand brake, bringing the car to a stop. Slowly now he continued home, thinking the mechanic had not been successful in repairing his brakes.

The next day Khaled went to his regular mechanic. Shaking his head and frowning, the mechanic said, “Your car was sabotaged! The piping that sends fluid to the brake pads was unscrewed. The other mechanic intended to cause you to have an accident! It could have killed you!”


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