A Photographic Journey of the Church in Egypt

September 12, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

World Watch Monitor recently posted the story, “Renewed Day by Day” which moved our hearts. They commissioned Cairo based photographer David Degner to capture how the events of the last few weeks have affected the church in Egypt. Please click on one of the images below, to see a slideshow of these compelling images. Also, as you spend time looking through these images, please pray for the church in Egypt and if you feel lead, please leave a prayer down below as well. 0430100102 0430100103 0430100104 0430100105 0430100108 0430100112 0430100114 0430100124 0430100129 0430100130 0430100131 0430100132 0430100133 0430100134 0430100136 0430100138 0430100139 0430100140 0430100141 0430100142 0430100143 0430100145 0430100147 0430100155 0430100157   Donate to Help Christians in Egypt

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