Praise Report- Colombian Children’s Center Graduates Five Students

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

We LOVE sharing praise reports- especially when it is from a country we are focusing on during The 5 Minute Challenge. Below is a praise report from a unique home/school in Colombia. Take a moment to read and learn about the awesome things God is doing in this country, inspite of the constant persecution:

In a solemn ceremony on December 7th the Open Doors School of the Children’s Center in Colombia honored its five graduating students for 2012.

It was the third graduation ceremony for Open Doors’ school in the Children’s Center, an educational and training center which has been in operation now for 10 years. Its purpose is to give protection, a home, and holistic education to children and youth whose parents are persecuted because of their faith in Christ in guerrilla-dominated areas of Colombia.

The recognition that graduates received included accreditation as Computer Repair Technicians by the National Service of Learning (SENA), a government entity which trains students with low financial resources in certain advanced areas of expertise.

During this event, students were honored for their academic performance which got the highest results in the State knowledge tests. The top results of Carmen Elena Sanchez and Sebastian Diaz helped identify the Children’s Center school as one of the first in the region.

During the ceremony the school’s worship group presented the CD album “Your Throne of Holiness,” the first musical work produced by the students themselves, who wrote the lyrics and composed the melodies of the 9 worship songs. As they sang and introduced them, the audience applauded and sang the songs with enthusiasm.

Emotions were high among the principals, teachers, parents, students and graduates as students were recognized who excelled in academic performance in their respective grades, as well as for those in classes for crafts, music, physical education, computer repairs, English, social sciences, Spanish, math, physics and calculation, biology and chemistry.

Special recognition was given to students who struggled to conquer their academic achievements both in primary and secondary school. By their averages, the eighth grade was highlighted for delivering the best high school academic performance throughout the school.

The students received equal honors for their commitment to the Center as a Christian institution — for their dedication, sense of belonging and for their fidelity and practice of good principles.

The principals also highlighted the work of the team of teachers, volunteers and members of the administrative staff. “Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to see the good functioning of the institution,” they said.

The Children’s Center in Colombia is the only such project in the Open Doors ministry around the world that serves the children of the persecuted church. A total of 48 children currently live and study there, coming from different regions in the country where Christians live in danger from illegal armed groups which oppose the Gospel as an enemy to their plans.

Among the students are 12 children from the local Christian community who study there, because their parents have found in the school to be the best educational option in the region. Because the Center’s school teaches values and Christian principles, it is becoming known as a leading institution in the region, with its students every day getting more recognition because they make a difference.


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