PRAISE Report: God has met the needs of Sister Yannah

June 17, 2016 by Open Doors in

*representative image used

After an encounter with Christian believers sharing the gospel and their testimonies, she gave her life to Christ. As excited as she was about her faith, Yannah* was fearful of her husband’s reaction. He was a member of a radical Islamic group and abused her. Out of fear, she and her children fled to a country nearby. Although they found relative safety, Yannah was still receiving threats from her husband, forcing her to stay in hiding.

Yannah needed safer conditions, which would be a long wait.

But God heard her prayers.

Sister Yannah is close to receiving legal status in the country she has fled to! This is an answer to many prayers. Although she is still being targeted by her husband, this is has been huge progress in her road to safety.

While God has answered our prayers, please pray Yannah and her children find a safe place to live. Pray God continues to give her peace, and that the heart of her husband may be softened and changed.

*pseudonym used to protect believer’s identity

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