Pray For Andrew- A Christian Injured In The Egyptian Protests

Egypt Protest Photo: A small protest in Egypt The headlines show that the protests are coming to a head. President Morsi has been given a deadline to meet the request of the people, before the military steps in. There is a great deal of uncertainty about Egypt’s future, as the protests continue to escalate. And in the middle of these protests, are Christians. ?Andrew is the son of a ministry leader in a city in Upper Egypt. He is in his last year of medical school. On Sunday, he went out in the early afternoon to join one of the demonstrations calling for President Morsi to step down. While protestors were peacefully marching, a group of fanatic Islamic party Muslims opened fire with machine guns on the peaceful protestors. Andrew received two bullets; one ended in his small intestines and the other landed near his spinal cord. He was immediately admitted into the nearby government hospital. After a first surgery, the first bullet was removed together with a part of his small intestines. Later in the evening, doctors miraculously removed the second bullet safely. Andrew is still in the intensive care and has been admitted into a private hospital. Please pray for Andrew and the Christians who are in the middle of these protests. Pray that they would reflect the light of Christ, despite the violence they might face. Pray for Egypt

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