Pray- Even When it is Depressing

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

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Today’s action step in Prayer: The Real Battle is to read the local news and pray for individuals and situations that catch your attention.

A family member once told me that they do not read or watch the news because it is too depressing. I resonate with this sentiment… I often feel ‘down’ after watching the news. However, we miss out on an important prayer opportunity when we do not stay tuned to the happenings around us. What if while watching the nightly news, we prayed for the family of the woman who was murdered. What if while reading the paper we prayed for the families of those who died in a five car pileup? Our prayers are impactful- we need use this priceless tool where it is needed most.

Often, people will not bring up the subject of persecution because it is a ‘depressing’ topic. Can you imagine if these people, who did not discuss persecution, instead prayed for those facing persecution? The persecuted are encouraged by our prayers and God has answered our prayers before! Imagine what more faithful prayer warriors would mean.

Lord, help me not to ignore the needs of this world because they are too depressing. Help me instead to lifts these needs and burdens up to You. You alone are faithful to hear our prayers. Amen.


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