Pray For Those Like Ibrahim During Ramadan

MosqueThis is a story of a Christian from Uganda and the persecution he endured during Ramadan. Would you take a moment to read his story and pray for him and others like him? Please take a moment to pray for his persecutors as well. Whenever I read stories like these, I am reminded that the apostle Paul was once a religious zealot who persecuted Christians, until Christ revealed himself to him. Pray that these individuals would have a similar encounter with Jesus Christ. Muslim background believer, Ibrahim* had to flee with his wife and child when they were approached by an angry crowd of about 30 Muslims. Ibrahim is an Evangelist from the Vudaka District in Uganda and had returned from an Islam evangelism seminar when the mob denied him access to his compound. “They blocked the gate to my home shouting, ‘We do not want to see you in this district again, unless you return to Islam!'” he said. The Government village head reacted swiftly to determine the reason for the uproar, but he had to make a hasty retreat because the mob threatened to harm him as well. “They told the village head that I can feel lucky, because was it not for Ramadan they would have burnt me alive,” said Ibrahim. “I have reported the matter at the District Police Headquarters yesterday and my complaint was filed. The District Criminal Investigating Officer realized the seriousness and quickly processed the file. They have told me that they are sending it to the State Attorney for verification today to enable them to make the arrests and proceed to court.” “The village head is my first witness in the matter and I am able to identify a number of the people because sadly some are my relatives.” Ibrahim expressed fears for his life, “This time they are really pursuing me. I am worried that if I do not leave the area, they will kill me once Ramadan ends.” Ibrahim’s wife and child are currently in hiding with his in-laws. “We do not know where we are going to live now. Please pray for us,” he concluded. *name changed for security purposes Pray Through Ramadan

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