Pray This Powerful Prayer Alongside a Believer from Yemen

August 22, 2017 by Brian in Prayer updates

Jaden* is one of the faithful servants of God living in Yemen, serving His Kingdom there despite the persecution, the war, the hunger and the diseases so prevalent in this war-torn country.

He shared this prayer with one of our contacts. We invite you to pray it with him—and to keep supporting the believers in Yemen in your prayers.

Dear Lord,

We pray for the Holy Spirit—Christ in us—to send a spirit of forgiveness to Yemen. We invite You to make us act like true sons of God.

We pray for the bombing and the violence to stop; for the gunfire to stop; for the deaths to stop; for ignorance, hunger and fear to stop.

We—God’s children in this country—ask You, Lord, to engage believers from all over the world to pray spiritual and intense prayers on our behalf.

We—Your children in Yemen and Your children from all over the world—pray and lift our hands towards the heavens and call upon your name to make Christ known to many in our nations; for Him to bring hope, and peace and love.


* Name changed for security reasons