Pray For The Presidential Election In The Maldives Tomorrow!

September 6, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Maldives On Saturday, September 7, the Maldivian people will elect their new president. It will be a decisive time for the people of the Maldives and for the few Christians in this tiny island country, which ranks sixth on the World Watch List. If none of the candidates win in the first round, there is going to be a second round on October 28. The new president will take office on November 11. The topic of religion has played a large part in this election, with many of the candidates taking strong stances on the issue. Mohammed Waheed, is the incumbent president. He has said that development and civilization in the country should be informed by Islamic values and customs. He also stated that “Leaders of the country must strive to preserve the Islamic faith in people, for Islam is the most civilized religion.” His campaign promised to promote the teaching of Islam and to encourage religious thought and teachings. Another candidate, Gasim Ibrahim, promises to strengthen Islam in the Maldives, including the establishment of an Islamic university and making the Koran a mandatory school subject. No matter who is elected as president, it is likely that nothing substantial will change for the tiny Christian minority in the Maldives. Please continue to pray for the few Christians in the Maldives during this time. Pray that they would remain strong and cling to Christ, no matter what the future holds.