Pray with Pastor George in Syria—blindfolded, questioned, arrested for building a church

December 17, 2019 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

Our field in the Middle East is reporting that Syrian Pastor George Moushi from Alliance Church in Qamishli was arrested and interrogated under duress—for the simple reason of  rebuilding the church’s damaged church building after the ISIS war.


A church member told Open Doors’ regional partners that Pastor George was blindfolded and detained for hours as he was interrogated with no explanation.

“Is building a church a crime in this country?” this church member commented. “Pastor George was humiliated for nothing; he was treated like a criminal.”

In October during the Turkish incursion into northern Syria, Pastor George repeatedly shared with Open Doors what was happening in this border city, offering multiple accounts that allowed us to take you inside the conflict to learn how it was impacting area Christians.

In late October, he talked with excitement about resuming the church’s building efforts. “ a church are not afraid,” Pastor George said. “Our church-building process stopped in August 2013. On Tuesday, we restarted it, despite the circumstances. I put the first block [down] to rebuild.

“We trust God that He will continue His work, [that] despite everything He will help and protect us.“

Almost two months later, in the face of direct persecution, Pastor George remains excited and resolved. “What happened only made me stronger and more determined to finish the building,” he said, reflecting on the recent interrogation and detention.

Pray with Pastor George and Alliance Church for protection from further persecution and that the rebuilding process will go smoothly and quickly.

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