Prayer for a Christian Mother Held by ISIS for Months

May 7, 2015 by Janelle P in ,

*Representative photo used to protect identity

With all that is going on with the refugees in the northern Iraq, let us not cease to pray for the many, Christians and otherwise, that are treated with utmost cruelty by the members of IS that have captured them.

Please pray for a woman that was found a few days ago. After months of continuous raping and captivity, IS released her and dropped her off in a city outside of their camp. When the contact approached the woman, the woman told the contact that she was from one of the Christian villages surrounding Mosul and had been captured by IS together with her children.

The contact took the woman to a monastery were she was further taken care of. The woman smelled bad, so she was invited to take a shower. The state of her body was shocking; the effect of rape was clearly visible.

Even more shocking was her mental state. She was totally confused and couldn’t remember who she was anymore. The only thing she vaguely remembered was that she was a widow and had 3 children. After the shower, she was so confused that she took of her clean clothes and put on her dirty clothes again, screaming and pulling her hair. She refused to eat anything. She just drinks juice and water.

She shared some fragments of what had happened to her while she was kept by IS. She was held in a room together with some Yezidi women and was continuously raped by groups of men. Her children were also taken; she doesn’t know where they are.

Please pray for this woman, her children and the Yezidi women that were with her and also have been released. Please also pray for all those who are still held, raped and tortured by IS. Pray especially for the children. Pray for those taking care of the released. Pray for the members of IS conducting these crimes. Pray that God will change their hearts and bring them to salvation in His Son, Jesus.

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