A Prayer From A North Korean Christian Just Before Going Back To His Country

March 21, 2014 by Open Doors in Persecution updates

North Korea Often we hear about people attempting to flee North Korea…. and for good reasons. North Korea holds the #1 spot on the World Watch List of the countries where Christians face the most persecution. Life is difficult for all North Koreans, but Christians are especially targeted, as they are seen as a threat to the North Korean regime. If a Christian’s faith is discovered, the consequence is either a life sentence in a prison camp or the death penalty. So if a person was fortunate enough to escape this horrific life, why would they ever risk returning to North Korea? Some Christians have felt a strong calling from God to return to North Korea, to spread the gospel message. They are willing to risk everything, as they know how desperately the people of North Korea need the light of Jesus. The following is a prayer from a Christian just before he went back to North Korea: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You, Father, for sending us brothers and sisters who help and support us and pray for us. I want to live only according to Your will. Many brothers and sisters have traveled a long way to show us Your love and grace. Please provide me with Your power and wisdom, so that I can preach Your love to the people in my country and help them to live according to Your words. Please help us to accept Your words and guide our lives without any fear or worries. I had some fear when I made my way to China. But all my fear disappeared when I engraved Your words in my mind and came to know about God’s love through brothers and sisters in China. No wonder my mind was somewhat relieved when I was coming to China. Other people will not understand why I feel light on my feet, when in reality our life is still so difficult. I know why I can feel that way: because I have engraved Your words in my mind and have become Your child. I will return back to North Korea without any fear and worry. It is because God is with me. God please guide each and every one of us to accept Your words and engrave Your words in our minds. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen. Isn’t this an amazing faith? Would you please join us in praying for North Korean Christians like this one who are willing to risk everything for the gospel? Pray for God’s wisdom, protection and peace in their lives. *Picture and other details changed to protect the identity of the believer