#PRAYER REQUEST: Chinese Pastor Murdered

June 23, 2016 by Open Doors in , ,

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Recently, Pastor Han, pastor of a church in Chiangbai, China was brutally murdered by North Korean secret agents, sources revealed that he was hacked to death. The purpose behind the murder was to provide a “warning” to Christians in China, who actively assisted North Korean refugees.

In addition to this warning, the Chinese government has warned Chinese and Koreans pastors to refrain from involving themselves. This warning has affected American pastors in the area, as well. “Special prayer is needed for the safety and protection of local, Chinese Korean workers”, says an Open Doors spokesman. “Our ministry in North Korea is also being threatened by these developments. However, we believe Jesus’ promise that the power of the enemy will not overcome the church of Christ. We should be wise and courageous to deal with NK ministries in these difficult circumstances.”

While coming in the latter half of our World Watch List, at number 33, China faces great persecution. However, God is bigger than any trial we face!

Pastor Han’s church and family has been devastated by the recent events. Yet, even in the midst of their great sorrow, they relentlessly gather day and night to pray and fast. Keep them in your prayers, that they are able to peacefully mourn Pastor Han’s death. Pray that God will provide a new pastor for the church. Pray for protection of other Christians on the Chinese-Korean border and surrounding areas. Lastly, pray for the Christians of North Korean; pray they will experience the power of God in their daily lives.

2 responses to “3 Troubling Developments Facing Christians in China”

  1. Total inaccurate report and article, non of what was written happened, your reporting is just speculation and scare mongering. India had every right to stand its ground against China’s aggression, China has a policy of acting aggressive against nations it things it can dominate if they give in the Chinese simply crush them, look at any of China’s South China Sea neighbors, like Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Korea, all have on going disputes one way or other with China, its time for a Democratic and Far nations to stand up for themselves and at the same time protect its smaller neighbors, stop your ranting and crying your only intension is to Convert the Weak and voiceless, exploiting them, and India has allowed this, a few Christians sadly have lost there lives but this is the cost of your Evangelizing business, the Business of Conversion goes on as always in India the worlds largest Democracy. Please stop crying for Pity, you wont get it, India is too nice to the Evangelists Business enterprise, ask for pity when your booted out, if ever.

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