#PRAYER REQUEST: Nigerian Christian Stabbed During Ramadan

July 12, 2016 by Open Doors in

On Wednesday, June 8, Francis Emmanuel, a Nigerian believer, was brutally attacked for his faith. A group of Muslim youth stabbed him several times outside of a restaurant in Kakuri, northern Nigeria.

The incident began when the 41-year-old carpenter was purchasing wood from the market and decided to grab a bite to eat from a nearby restaurant while the wood was being packaged. Ramadan is a time of prayer and fasting for Muslims and not eating any food until after sunset. During this time of day, a Muslim should not be eating, therefore Francis eating drew attention to himself.

“I sat outside eating when six Muslim youths approached me. They asked why I was eating (and not fasting). At first I didn’t reply, but when they asked if I was a Christian or a Muslim, I said I was a Christian. They got furious and started beating me up. One of them brought out a knife and stabbed me in my neck, on my right arm and around my right eye. A Joint Task Force (JTF) member rushed over to help me, and they all ran away. The JTF member took me straight to hospital,” Francis told Open Doors workers from his hospital bed.

In response to Francis’ attack, Open Doors covered his medical bill, prayed with him and encouraged him to remain strong in his faith. “I really appreciate your visit and words of encouragement and am really happy you came to identify with me. May the Lord bless you and continue to provide for you,” Francis said.

Let’s join in prayer for Francis. Pray he recovers well and wholly. Pray that resentment does not set in his heart toward his persecutors, but that he would extend mercy and forgiveness. Lastly, pray God would work in the hearts of Francis’ persecutors.

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