#PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for a Baptist House Church in Central Asia

July 1, 2016 by Janelle P in Asia

Within a village of Central Asia, a Baptist house church is in danger of losing its place of worship. On June 21, a house church was visited by local police officers. Officers asked church staff members to provide state registration and demanded to know what was happening in the house. Although the house is a private residence, the church did not have their registration, due to being registered in the city. This house church was registered in another city, because it was opened for villagers who could not attend Sunday services in the city.

As a result of their lack of registration, the police officers confiscated the church staff members, two brothers, passports and the passport of the home owner. The owner of the home is also the church deacon. The officers told the brother to visit them the next day at the police station.

Upon their arrival, the brothers were told by a high ranking officer that they were forbidden from holding church in their home any longer. If they did, they would be held accountable to the country’s law concerning religion and religious organization.

The following day, another man visited the church home. He introduced himself as the village council chairman and admitted to sending the police officers to the church. He told the brother that as long as he held his chairman position, no Christians would be allowed to have services in his village, and that he would start a case against the church if they did not obey.

Pastor of this church told OD yesterday: “We believe what the Word of God says to us, and in Romans 8: 28, God speaks to us, saying, that for those who love God, all things work together for good. Let us pray and hope in Him, and trust this situation to Him.”

Pray for all those involved in this situation. Pray for the church, that God’s favor and protection will be with them. Pray God changes the heart of the chairman and the police department, and that they would have an encounter with Him.