Prayers Needed for Muslim Background Believers

June 2, 2016 by Brianna Nishie in Prayer updates

On Sunday, May 29th, Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) from the Sama tribal group in Southern Philippines were presented before Muslim religious leaders. The MBBs were summoned due to increasing Christian activity in the country.

One of the goals of the meeting was to determine whether or not the MBBs will have their activities restricted by the community. This is a big problem, because the role these believers play in their community is an important one.

“The believers have fellowship regularly and pray for those who are sick,” shares Open Doors staff. “When anyone in the community falls sick, the Sama MBBs gather and pray for this person. This has become a known fact in the community.”

Although the entire congregation was asked to appear before the Muslim leaders, the MBBs decided to that sending a single representative, their church leader, was best.

And even if the meeting doesn’t result in these MBBs being restricted by their community, there could still be other problems. One being that these believers could be expelled from the village completely for their refusal to stop meeting and praying.

If expulsion does occur, the MBB congregation will appeal to the local Muslim community—a community they have gone out of their way to bless.

Please pray that God would cover these Sama MBBs with his favor and protection, blessing them so that they can continue to be a blessing to their community, in Jesus’ name.