Praying for Christians in Countries like Brunei

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Today’saction step from Prayer: The Real Battle says: Download the monthly prayer calendar (, read & ask God to show you how to join with the people in prayer.

The monthly prayer calendar is an amazing tool. Sometimes, when I think of the subject of persecution, I am overwhelmed. I do not know exactly how to pray or what to say. The monthly prayer calendar allows me to know exactly what to pray for.

It is also helpful in letting me know the needs of people in countries I normally may not think about. Typically countries like North Korea and Iran come to mind because they are in the news so often. But Christians in countries that are not as well known need our prayers too- countries like Brunei.

Most Christians in Brunei are expatriates and migrants. They are allowed to practice their faith, but not to share it with Malays, the major people group in Brunei. Churches that are officially registered and recognized are prohibited from taking in seekers and converts from the local population. Violation of these restrictions means church closure and possible imprisonment for the pastor. Because of these restrictions, believers from a Muslim background are often isolated and neglected.

I am really thankful for this tool- to help me pray for my brothers and sisters in countries like Brunei.  


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