Noeh: A Boy Called by God to Support Middle East Refugees Returning Home

December 20, 2017 by Sarah Cunningham in ,

(Special contribution from Dean Walker, attendee at the Hope for the Middle East prayer gathering).

As a boy, Samuel was called to serve the Lord and lead God’s people to truth. David, too, was just as an adolescent when he rose to face an army and their giant to liberate God’s people. While attending Open Doors’ prayer event in New York City, I couldn’t help thinking about how Noeh–the 12 year old guest from Iraq–seems to have a similar calling to bring awareness and support to help God’s people resettle in the Nineveh Plains.

I had the privilege of meeting Noeh at this church in New York City. We were meeting to ask the Lord’s blessing over Christians in Syria and Iraq who were moving back to their homes in the Nineveh Plains after fleeing ISIS. Noeh, his family, and hundreds of other Christian families are right now trying to make their way back to their burned and bombed out homes after living as refugees for more than three years. But without help, it may not be possible for Christians to return to their homes.

That’s where Noeh comes in. He’s a 13 year old boy that is answering God’s call to raise awareness and support for Christians in Syria and Iraq, and he reminds me of Samuel and David.

I believe Samuel, David, and Noeh have three important things in common. First, they were all called at a young age when God could have picked someone older or more experienced. Second, they responded in faith, believing that God is bigger than any problem they would face. Third, they acted on their calling. Their actions have led God’s people to a relationship with Him.

Calling. Faith. Action.

I believe the Lord called Noeh, who has responded in faith in the Lord, and is now acting to raise awareness and support from Christians around the world.

Calling. Faith. Action.

I believe the Lord is calling us, too, to support our persecuted Christian family. Will we have the faith these three young boys had? Will we respond in action to lead others to a deeper relationship with Him?

If you’re ready to respond in faith and action, there are some actions you can take:

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