Praying “Pho” A Reminder to Pray

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


Today I went with my friend and co-worker Grace (the one who does the book club blogs) to get pho for lunch.  For those of you who do not know, pho (pronounced ‘fa’) is a traditional Vietnamese soup, made with rice noodles, vegetables and meat. It is one of our favorite meals and we always try to think of an excuse to go. Today’s excuse? Focusing on Vietnam for the Five Minute Challenge!

After lunch, I thought about reminders to pray for our brothers and sisters in other countries and God reminded me of something He taught me a while ago….

When I was in college I was talking to my mentor about praying. I told him that even though I wanted to pray, I would forget or get really distracted when I did pray. I was frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t have this amazing prayer life that a lot of other Christians seemed to have because I was so A.D.D.

Then he told me that he used to struggle with the same thing, so he asked God to allow the ‘distractions’ in his daily life to be reminders to pray. And you know what? God answered his prayer….he would get distracted by an airplane going by in the sky. He would think of the airplane and simply ask God to take him to new heights. He would get distracted thinking of a friend he was going to see later that day- he would take a minute and pray for that person. He said by the end of the day, he realized He had spent his whole day with God- a wonderful feeling.

After lunch, I thought about this lesson and asked God to give me reminders or ‘distractions’ to pray for the persecuted; whether it was a bowl of pho to remind me to pray for Christians in Vietnam or a gripping story of a persecuted Christian in Algeria. I know He will be faithful to hear my prayer.

Will you join me in asking God to plant reminders in our lives to pray for persecuted Christians?


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