Ramadan For Christians In Egypt

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Egypt Ramadan The following is from a Christian in Egypt, sharing his views on what Christians in his country should do during the month of Ramadan. Over the last few days, Egypt has seen several days of mixed excitement and nightmares! The tremendous political earthquake of the most recent revolution of June the 30th has shaken off the rule of the radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliated Salafist parties, leaving Egypt, the biggest Arab country in the Middle East, in complete wonder. . .and concern! Many of us still do not believe what has just happened! After two and a half years of the heavy domination of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Salafist affiliates in Egyptian politics, and after one year of rule under former President Morsi, the people of Egypt revolted again, in massive numbers, (and still are!) against the attempts of turning Egypt into a strict Islamic state. Our prayers and tears before the Throne for God to cast away the “oppressive masters” from our country seem to be answered! Earthly thrones are being shaken and the hidden plots are being un-veiled one by one! The coming days are yet to show many more surprises of how Egypt was ruled the past year, and how far a certain group or party can go in seeking their own interests and gains above the welfare of the country and people! We don’t know yet how many more days we will wake up to news of new clashes and attacks from the followers and supporters of Morsi and his regime that has fallen. Is it still a long way to go until stability and order is restored to the country? This is a hard question to answer. However, during the Ramadan season, we Christians, again, have a wonderful opportunity to show our genuine love and compassion to our dear Muslim neighbors and friends. We have the privilege of introducing and sharing the touching love of Jesus in an environment that right now is toxic with hatred and rejection, generated and accelerated over the last two and a half years by radical Muslims. It does take a lot of efforts and courage to express love to someone if you know he/she hates you, or would attack you, your wife, your children and your church if they were given the chance. I’m praying day and night that my Lord may take away the weakness of my human feelings and replace it with a flow of love that Jesus has filled my heart with. Yesterday, as I was buying something in the supermarket, a Salafist man with a big beard was standing, looking for something. My heart moved for him, and God filled my heart with compassion for this man and I just felt I need to speak to that man! I could see that he was confused about some of the displayed products, so I jumped in! I started to explain the different products to him, and I just had a smile on my face! I wished him a good afternoon and moved on! What a great feeling I had! I felt the confirmation of the Spirit that this is what the Lord wanted me to do. It was a very simple act of love and respect that I showed to a man whom Jesus loves and died for! Please pray for the Christians of Egypt to use the opportunity of this fasting month of Ramadan to show their love to Muslims, just like one pastor from Egypt did, posting this card pictured on Facebook! The words on the card say: “To our beloved Muslim friends, we greet you from our hearts for the month of Ramadan. Happy fasting month.” Pray Through Ramadan

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