Ramadan Day 1- Love

June 30, 2014 by Open Doors in

Day 1

Nigeria – The ugly scenes replayed in her mind. Smoke from burning cars and buildings filled her mouth and stung her eyes. Agnes could still see and hear the gunfire and the deadly mob that had rioted, murdering so many, killing her husband. She felt so alone. Having been shunned for becoming Christians, Agnes and her husband had been estranged from his family. Needing them now, the grief of losing her husband was multiplied by the fact that no one from his family had contacted her. The emptiness was swallowing her; the gulf between her and his family seemed unbridgeable- and then a strange thought ‘ could she reach out to them? Surrendering to what she knew was the will of God, Agnes immediately felt a filling warmth; an understanding became clear in her mind- His other-worldly love was filling the great chasm of her life. Consumed with Christ’s love, she felt encouraged to go to the village and greet her husband’s family in Jesus’ name. The presence of Christ in her life had empowered her to forgive and to reach out to others in the midst of her pain. She said, “I received encouragement that God can use me to be a blessing to someone else.” STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Put a map of the world on your wall and pray, with a godly love, for the “top ten” countries on the Open Doors World Watch List that are governed by Islamic law. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Today Lord, on this first day of Ramadan, we ask that you fill Christians with Your love. Make Your Spirit shine brightly in Your people; that those who do not yet know You, will be drawn to You. Amen.  

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