Ramadan Day 12- Peace

June 30, 2014 by Open Doors in

Ramadan Day 12 Egypt – God establishes peace between His complete holiness and sinful man in a variety of ways. Throughout the Muslim world, Jesus (“the man in white”) has often appeared to seekers in dreams and visions. In Standing Strong Through the Storm, Paul Estabrooks tells us about Achmed, who is married and has four daughters. Coming from an Egyptian fundamentalist family, Achmed was a committed Muslim, but in a dream, the Lord Jesus appeared to him miraculously. In a field, there were hundreds of people all dressed in white, and looking expectantly up to heaven. They didn’t pay any attention to Achmed. Suddenly, a dazzling light shone on the crowd. Out of the light, the Lord Jesus stepped forward. He hovered over the people, and blessed them. Then he pointed at Achmed. At that moment, he woke up, and was completely confused. He knew Isa (Jesus) only from the Koran. He knew that he was a man who had performed miracles- a prophet. Never had he thought that Jesus would reveal Himself to him. “‘They’re right’, he thought. ‘They’re following the right way. They’re right…’ He was supernaturally drawn to Jesus. The dream caused his Islamic faith to waver, and through his subsequent reading of the Word, the love of Christians and Christian media, reconciliation between himself and God has brought a spirit of peace to this man. STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Jesus, the Prince of Peace, said, “I am the light of the world.” Light a candle, and pray for Muslims to see the light of Jesus. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Lord Jesus, thank You that You took on the wrath of the Father toward us so that we might know peace with Him and salvation. Today, we call on You to reveal Yourself to those caught in the darkness of Islam; that the confusion might be lifted, and that they will worship You in truth’and peace. Amen.

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