Ramadan Day 15- Goodness

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in

Ramadan Day 15 Central Asia – Zinaida Vilchinskaya was a grandmother at the time she was arrested while carrying Christian literature. She shares a poignant episode of how one believer can encourage another in endurance during difficult circumstances. “When the police first took me to the police station, I was put in a very cold cell with bare iron bunks. The guards took my scarf and my coat, and I lay on the bunk in just a dress. I was shivering, and I started to pray. When my cellmate saw me pray, she, too, got on her knees and said, ‘Oh, I can’t stand it. I’m freezing too.’ She started to cry softly.” “‘Lord,’ I prayed, ‘if you want me to be frozen, here may Your will be done; just enable me to endure this with love, submission, and meekness. But You can help me. You can even take me out of here if that’s Your will.’ “I lay back down, and felt such warmth. I told the other woman, ‘Here, let me put my arm around you, and you’ll get warmer.’ We warmed up together. Later, when they transferred us to different cells, she told everyone in hers, ‘God warmed up Aunt Zhenya (as they called me) in our cell, and she warmed me up.'” RESPONSE: Shawls used during prayer bring solace, provide comfort and are symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving God. Today, wrap a shawl over your shoulders, and pray for Christians who may be in need of comfort, shelter, or protection from adversity. PRAYER: Father, today fill Christians beyond capacity with Your goodness, so that it can overflow into the lives of others. Amen.

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