Ramadan Day 17- Gentleness

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in

Ramadan Day 17 During a session in an Open Doors seminar in South Africa, a man shared the story of his martyred thirteen year old son: Each day as student gangs rioted, burning buildings and mercilessly attacking anyone whom they regarded as a “sell-out,” the man’s thirteen year old Christian son bravely walked to school past jeering youth and smoking mounds of rubble, only to walk home again after school past the houses where his frightened teachers had barricaded themselves against the angry mob. On one particular morning, his son greeted the rioting youth with a nod and a friendly smile. A vicious mob immediately closed around him blocking his way while one of the leaders grabbed the strap of his school bag, pulling him to a standstill. “Today, you will have to decide for our revolution or else!” hissed the bully. Calmly the boy replied, “I have decided to have nothing to do with your revolution.” Enraged, the bully cursed, shoving the boy backwards into the hands of the mob who beat him, then stabbed him to death. Still, living in the same house and community where his son was killed, and being reminded daily of the testimony of the gentleness declared in his son’s life, the father has chosen to forgive those who killed his son, hoping that his act of forgiveness will eventually carry the light of Christ into their hearts. STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Visit the Open Doors website and learn how advocacy has made an impact on the lives of Christians under persecution. Find out how you too can be an advocate for those who are suffering for their faith in Christ. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Heavenly Father, thank You for Your people in persecuted areas who are courageously standing firm in their faith with gentle spirits. Hear their cries; protect and comfort them. May the truth of Your gospel penetrate the hearts of their attackers and bring about peace. Amen.

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