Ramadan Day 2- Joy

June 30, 2014 by Open Doors in Ramadan

Day 2 Eritrea ‘ The stifling heat, biting lice and fleas were sheer torture for the women packed in the shipping container that was their prison cell. The gospel singer Helen Berhane spent almost three years in a shipping container. In her own words, she tells of the moment she knew the true meaning of joy: “Everyone was very discouraged, and many of the women were angry. They asked me what we should do, and I knew they were expecting me to say that we should shout or bang the container, to let our captors know that we were not going to tolerate this treatment. But I remembered'[reading] about how Christians, like nightingales, could not be prevented from singing even in captivity, and I suggested that we sing. ‘We should praise God,’ I said, ‘in spite of the fleas, in spite of the lice, in spite of the heat. We should thank God despite our circumstances.’ So I began to sing with them, and pray, and share the Word of God from memory.” — Helen Berhane, Song of the Nightingale STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Today as the sun sets, gather your family and sing praise songs. Share how the Lord fills you with joy and remember those who cannot fellowship together openly. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Father, today we pray for those who are in prison. Fill them with Your joy; that they may be a source of happiness and refuge to fellow prisoners. Also, we pray for those who have lost their joy in the midst of sorrow. Holy Spirit, fill them; that they may be a ray of hope to others. Amen.