Ramadan Day 20- Joy

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in Ramadan

Ramadan Day 20 Bangladesh ‘ In rural areas, many believers fall prey to injustice and discrimination simply because they cannot read the law, and are unaware of their civil and legal rights when persecuted. Using volunteer church workers and pastors from participating church groups, Open Doors opened literacy classes in 17 districts in 2008, benefiting more than 600 Bengalis last year alone. Student Parul Sultana writes in her first letter about the many changes that have taken place in her life since studying at the literacy center in Bangladesh: “Greetings from Evangelical Friends Church! When I started attending classes at the literacy center, my life began to change instantly. Now, I am able to sing and understand God’s Word; I can calculate, and I am able to teach children. I can understand the doctor’s prescriptions, and other papers. Before, I did not have the respect and love of my husband. When I began to learn how to read and write, his attitude toward me changed. I am especially grateful to my teacher, who was so patient and careful in helping me learn how to read and write. I will remember her always. I feel sad today because it’s the last day of our class. It’s nighttime, and I am writing this letter with much excitement in my heart; I can’t imagine that I would ever write one. This is a great blessing from God, and I feel like I’m the happiest woman in the world.” STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Today, consider writing a letter of joy and encouragement to a person on the Letter Writing section on the Open Doors website. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Lord Jesus, it is pure joy to learn about believers like Parul who can now read Your Word because of the sacrifice of others. May there be many opportunities during Ramadan for those who do not yet know You, have access to Your Word.