Ramadan Day 22- Forbearance

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in

Ramadan Day 22 Indonesia – In December 1999, at the Doulos Bible School in Indonesia, a Muslim mob over-ran the school’s compound, killing one student and injuring 44 more, destroying almost eighty percent of the buildings. Domingus, one of the students injured in the violence recalls praying, “Lord, if I die, I know I will go to heaven.” As the angry mob blindfolded Domingus and threatened to kill him, the Lord spoke to him and said “Don’t be afraid, I will be with you.” “They hit me, and I lost consciousness,” said Domingus. “I felt my spirit leave my body, and I was brought to a place of light where people were singing and worshipping in the presence of God. I closed my eyes and bowed down, but a voice said ‘Your time has not come yet; it is time to go back!’ Suddenly, I regained consciousness and discovered I was bleeding, so I prayed that the Lord would send someone to take me to a hospital. I also thanked the Lord that I could be persecuted for the gospel, and that through this, I could meet Him.” Domingus, after being released from the doctor’s care, was asked by a friend the obvious question, , “What now? They will come back to finish the job and kill you. What do you want to do with your life, Domingus?” He replied with great conviction, “I just want to serve Jesus.” STAND “ONE WITH THEM” The word “forbearance” is not something that we think about often. Words that are synonyms are patience, self-control, restraint, mercy, and tolerance. Read 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 as you pray for brothers and sisters in Christ. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Father, may Your Spirit of love and forgiveness rule in the hearts of Christians facing hardships because of their faith in You. Amen.

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