Ramadan Day 23- Kindness

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in Ramadan

Ramadan Day 23 Uzbekistan ‘ As the ripples in a pool spread from a tossed stone, so too the impact of women’s conferences grow into ever widening circles, giving hope and changing lives through the love of Christ. Several years ago, some Central Asian Christian women gained the vision for starting work among women in situations of domestic abuse, trafficking and prostitution. As they shared all they had learned with the women in their area, they realized that this was just the start. Plans were drawn, teaching resources were acquired and local churches were equipped to deepen the education through a training conference. As lives began changing, the group of women decided to host another conference. Those attending the conference a second time, witnessed God’s healing power and were greatly encouraged by the prayer and companionship of the other women in attendance. Three young Uzbek women, who had been to the first conference, were eager to return and be part of the prayer team. A pastor’s wife, who spent three years in prison where she became a Christian, shared that before she attended, she had wanted to minister to women in prisons, but she didn’t know how to start. After attending the conference she said, “Now I know how to minister to women. Thank you for this opportunity to learn so much.” STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Consider giving a gift to Open Doors supporting an abuse recovery program for persecuted women. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Lord, many women living in Islamic nations are oppressed and marginalized. Send godly women to minister to them in kindness, praising Your Holy Name. Amen.