Ramadan Day 24- Goodness

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in

Ramadan Day 24 North Sudan – It was late in afternoon, after the day’s work was over, that the Bible training session began. Most students had traveled far to attend. Weary due to the day’s demands, the students were eager to learn because, although they interact daily with their Muslims neighbors, they knew little of the differences between the religions. The students challenged Adel (the training instructor) with a question about something that Mohammed, their Islamic religion teacher, had said. Mohammed had advised the class not to talk to Christians because they have the Holy Spirit. Mohammed explained that even if a Christian has limited knowledge of his own religion, the Holy Spirit could still convince you to believe. When Adel asked the students if he could visit Mohammed, they were initially reluctant, afraid this would create many problems, but Adel was able to convince them that he would be courteous and respectful. The students agreed for the two men to meet. After traditional greetings and tea time, Adel turned to Mohammed, and asked his opinion of Christians. Mohammed explained that Christians are good people, but feared them because they have the Holy Spirit. “Now, what do you think,” Adel asked Mohammed, “is the Holy Spirit good or bad?” Mohammed replied, “He is good.” Encouraged by the answers, Adel asked Mohammed “Do you want the Holy Spirit?” “Yes, I want,” Mohammed answered. “Well,” Adel said, “You cannot get the Holy Spirit unless you believe that Christ is your Savior, who died on the cross for your sin.” Mohammed then replied, “I believe, Christ is my Savior.” Immediately Adel asked if he could pray with Mohammed who agreed, allowing Adel and the Christian students to lay hands upon him. Mohammed reported that he had felt “something strange” during their prayers. After more talks and fellowship, Adel gave Mohammed a Bible, and encouraged him to talk to the pastor of the local church who had also attended the training. STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Consider giving a gift to Open Doors supporting Bible training in Muslim-dominated countries. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Father, we pray today that Muslim neighbors will see the goodness of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians worldwide, and that they will seek to know more. Amen.

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