Ramadan Day 25- Faithfulness

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in Ramadan

Ramadan Day 25 El Gasim rubbed his eyes, and looked again. Was that a cross in his cell? Moving to a new position to pray, he looked back at the place where the cross had appeared. It was still there. Over the next seven days, El Gasim, an African Muslim, prayed the required five times each day, and each time, regardless of where he kneeled, still saw the cross. El Gasim knew he was being called to turn his life over to Christ. When El Gasim declared his faith in Christ, he received 25 lashes. Boldly confessing Christ as his Savior, he enraged the authorities who beat and shackled him with chains weighing over fifty pounds, condemning him to be hanged. A fellow inmate, who was also a pastor, explained that living for Christ would not be without suffering. He then told El Gasim the story of Paul and Silas in prison, who, when beaten and chained for the sake of Christ, continued to pray and praise God who caused their chains to fall off and the prison doors be opened. The pastor explained that God’s power was still working miracles today. He and El Gasim began to pray together, earnestly seeking God’s will. When the pastor retired to his room, El Gasim continued to pray. Encouraged by the Bible story, El Gasim stepped forward, instantly breaking the chain on his leg. Hearing the chains fall to the floor, bystanders watched in amazement as El Gasim took a second step, the chain falling from that leg as well. No longer shackled, El Gasim walked freely up to the guard and told him, “Your chains are in the chapel, go and collect them.” Trembling and confused, the guard reported the event to his superiors. Because of the many witnesses, the incident could not be ignored. Prison officials had to let El Gasim go free, knowing if he stayed he would certainly convert others and, even if moved to another prison, the power of God’s miracles would not be stopped. STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Today, display a cross on an outside window. Pray that God would send a person who is seeking His truth; in faithfulness, share the gospel message with them. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Lord, as Muslims worldwide are seeking knowledge and the truth during Ramadan, we ask for a supernatural appointment where a believer can boldly share the gospel message with them.