Ramadan Day 3- Peace

June 30, 2014 by Open Doors in

Day 3 Indonesia – Pastor You Yong was grabbed in his own church in central Java, and kidnapped by Islamic extremists. He was bleeding from the repeated beatings and exhausted from the rough interrogations- all meant to provoke him into a violent reaction. As his kidnappers held a machete to his throat, Pastor Yong believed he was about to die a martyr’s death. But it was then that something amazing happened. Deeper than all the pain and the fear of dying, pastor Yong recalls, “I felt an incredible peace. I was also amazed at the answers I was able to give them. That verse came true – ‘When you are brought to trial, do not worry about what to say, for when the time comes, you will be given what to say’ (Mt 10:19). The more they tried to provoke me, the more peace I felt.” STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Shalom is generally understood around the world to mean “peace.” Today, sign your emails and other greetings with the word “shalom” as a reminder of our peace in Christ. If you have Muslim neighbors, friends or co-workers, greet them in this way, as well. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Father, during Ramadan, our brothers and sisters living in Muslim-dominated countries may be facing both physical and verbal abuse. Fill them with Your perfect peace so that they can respond in a way pleasing to You and reveal Your glory. Amen.

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