Ramadan Day 30- Peace

July 10, 2014 by Open Doors in

Ramadan Day 30 The tiny ship rocked back and forth, tossed across the white caps like scrap, the sailors sure it would soon be broken into match sticks. One frightened sailor crawled to the opening in the deck to call to the sleeping man below. “Save us! We will all be drowned!” The man awoke, emerging to face the raging storm that threatened the tiny boat and lives of His disciples on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus of Nazareth stretched out his hands, and confronting the tempest with the authority of creation, the Prince of Peace commanded “Peace! Be Still!” The commands of the Prince of Peace are still heard today by believers, choosing to listen to the voice of Jesus over voices of hatred and violence. In 2007, in a tiny strip of land known as Gaza, at the center of some of the greatest daily turmoil in the world, masked gunmen in two cars pulled up to a bookshop attended by a night guard. Forcing the guard into the car, they drove to a remote location in northern Gaza, where they beat him and demanded the bookshop key. When they found the guard had no key, they left him and returned to the shop, where at 2:30 a.m. they detonated bombs. Palestinian Bible Society executive director Labib Madanat described the attack on the Gaza Bible Bookshop as much worse than previous ones, but with renewed spirit and commitment said, “Immediately, the teams began cleaning up, determined to go back as soon as possible to functioning and to minister to the people.” Madanat added, “There is so much love for the people of Gaza that it will take a huge amount of hate to quench the love the team has for them.” As chaos and turmoil dominate the lives of Palestinians living in Gaza, Christians, like the Gaza Bible bookstore staff members, openly demonstrate love – and hope for peace – for their neighbors, regardless of the circumstances. STAND “ONE WITH THEM” Consider purchasing “One With Them” wristbands and giving them to friends and family members so that they can continue praying for persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide. PRAY “ONE WITH THEM” Father, on this final day of Ramadan, fill the hearts of Muslims everywhere with a hunger for peace. Show them, through Your Spirit evident in the lives of Your flock, that this hunger can only be filled by a personal relationship with You. Amen.

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