Reach out to an isolated young believer!

March 3, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Letter Writing

Can you imagine not knowing another believer? In a country where churches abound and Christian holidays (like Christmas and Easter) are observed, it can be hard to fathom. But for 17-year-old Talitha, it’s a daily reality.

Talitha lives in Central Asia with her family, and none of them are believers. She grew up learning her family’s and country’s customs and traditions, but deep in her heart, it all felt so shallow. But through a series of “chance” meetings and underground connections, Talitha discovered Jesus.

Amazingly, on December 5 of this past year, Talitha knelt before Jesus and surrendered her life to Him. And then, on Christmas Eve, she was baptized. What a beautiful image of redemption, being baptized on the eve of the day where we celebrate Christ’s birth.

If Talitha’s family or community discover her faith in Jesus, she could be in grave danger. What’s just as heartbreaking is that, outside of her small underground church, she doesn’t know a single Christian—and has no one to help her grow in her new faith.

But we can help!

We have the opportunity to write Talitha and let her know she’s not alone. We can flood her with encouraging words, favorite verses, and warm prayers—what a welcome to Christ’s family! Right now, Talitha is unaware of the global Christian community who is there for her, is encouraging her, and is praying for her, all the time.

Will you join us in writing Talitha today?

Let her know where you’re from and what your Christian journey has been like. Share heartfelt stories and life-changing scripture. And most of all, let her know she’s not alone; she’s part of a much larger family.

You can write Talitha by clicking here; your message will be translated and delivered to her in the best possible way. Thanks so much for reminding your young sister in Christ that she is not alone!

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