Remaining ISIS Hostages Have Been Released!

February 22, 2016 by Janelle P in

We have gone back and forth, reporting the kidnapping of Assyrian Christians at the hands of ISIS almost a year ago, and was joyfully later to report the release of a few groups of them at a time. Today, the Islamic State released the remaining 43 Christians who were taken hostage about a year ago from villages along the Khabour River in northeast Syria.

The released Assyrian Christians were among a group of 230 who were abducted by ISIS when they raided 35 predominantly Assyrian villages in that region. All of those abducted in those raids are now accounted for. Almost all have been released, many in recent months following negotiations by church representatives. A video released by Daesh in early October 2015 showed the execution of three Assyrian Christians, two of whom had been from this group.

In a statement, the Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organization thanked all who have stood with the Assyrians of Syria during the arduous twelve months of this ordeal. While rejoicing in the release of these hostages, they note the ongoing impact of the losses suffered by the Assyrian communities of Syria, including the destruction of livelihoods.

Please continue to pray for Christians from other places in Syria who were abducted during other incidents in the country. Pray that they soon will be released, and until that moment, will put their trust in God. Pray that the Lord comforts them at the places where they are held. Pray also for restoration of all the Christians who were released now.

Source: Middle East Concern

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