Saudi believer facing prison testifies: ‘Because of Christ, we are freed’

July 13, 2021 by Lindy Lowry in Middle East

We received another letter from Adam* written after his wife Hope and youngest son Andrew fled Saudi Arabia for safety. Adam is faced with the possibility of imprisonment or a fine of $80,000 for his faith.


Below, this modern-day Paul shares the hope of Jesus he clings to as he faces an unknown future without his wife and family beside him. Let his words sink in and bring strength and peace to you in whatever you’re walking through today.

To my brothers, sisters, and family in Christ,

We are subjected to many harassments in life; it is natural that we must stand for our faith as believers who follow the Bible.

Matthew 10:17-18 says, “Beware of men, for they will deliver you over to courts and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear witness before them and the Gentiles.”

Loving God with all our heart is the most important commandment, and we must trust Him and be willing to bring sacrifices as sons of God. We may lose children, our wife, we may lose the things we have and we may lose our lives because of our faith. As we have learned from the apostles, believing in God and His Word means being faithful, and God will help us to carry what may seem too difficult to us, just as He did with Jesus.

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All our lives and the lives of our children rely on God. We show our trust and faith in Him through true Christian obedience, which stems from the heart of gratitude for the grace we have received from the Lord. Yes, my brothers and sisters, my wife and children have left. I feel so much sadness that my heart is overwhelmed by the moments of farewell—the harshest experience I have ever experienced.

But life is always difficult, as we have learned, as every believer passes through times and places of alienation and reminiscence. But we must remember the Apostle Paul who was harassed by the enemies of Jesus and how he moved from one city to another, sincerely preaching about Jesus Christ. He was subjected to the utmost torment for the name of The Lord Jesus.

Yes, one of the hardest things in this life is to see your wife and children leaving without knowing how and when you will see them again. We do not like this separation, but sometimes we are forced to live this way to be close to the Lord and meet them in eternity. When the works of man affect us, we all must remember the last supper of Christ. One of the most important moments of the Last Supper was when Christ said to his disciples to remember what He would do for the whole of humanity: to shed His blood on the cross for our sins. (Luke 22:14-18).

Brothers and sisters, as we celebrate the Last Supper, and reflect on the full sacrifice of Christ, we are reminded that we are freed from slavery (as in the first Passover) and as He atoned for our sins, we have faith and we live forever.

*representative name and images used for security


Pray with us for our brother, Adam in Saudi Arabia

Pray that Adam would find favor with the judge and he would be released.

Ask God to give Adam peace and strength as he faces this uncertain future without his wife and son by his side.

Pray for him and for Hope and Andrew that they will continue to trust the Lord.

Pray for provision and protection for Hope and Andrew as they start this new chapter in another country.

Pray that this family could be reunited soon.

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