Secret Church 2015 Simulcast

February 11, 2015 by Janelle P in Stories of Persecution

Your eyes scan the room. It is difficult to make out exact shapes because the room is only half-lit by candlelight, but your scan is met with a dozen eyes staring back at you. As you squint, you begin to smile as you look out and see the faces of your family in Him.

Pauses of silence are broken every few minutes by praises and Scripture being whispered. You hear someone sorrowfully whisper that she lost her job today because her boss found out that she was a Christian, but that she is learning to glorify God in much and in little. Long pause…. A man seated on the floor next to you quotes Philippians 4 from memory to encourage her. Everyone is alert and joyful, and yet ready to run at a moment’s notice.

Does this sound like church to you? This is the reality for so many believers around the world, like those living in Iraq and Indonesia. These believers know firsthand what it is like to bear Jesus’ name daily, even in the face of intense persecution.

Jesus says that since he faced torture and persecution, they will also persecute His followers. There are some around the world who face this uphill battle daily. Christians are called to remember those being persecuted as though it were themselves in chains.

Through Secret Church, believers have an incredibly opportunity to do just that! Secret Church is a “house church” that seeks to show what persecution really looks like for so many believers around the world today. Secret Church desires to mirror the dedication among believers in these persecuted areas with a time of intense Bible study (6+ hours), and a time of prayer.

This event is targeted to individuals who want to know God deeper through His Word and His global Church more fully. Secret Church also seeks to highlight the great need for us to pray for these persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. The hope is to take what you will learn from this event out to the world, and make disciples of Christ, both locally and globally.

On April 24th, Secret Church will be hosting its next simulcast, titled ‘Christ, Culture and A Call to Action’, and will take place from 6pm (CT) until midnight.

During the course of this event, you just may discover new heights and depths of the redemption that Jesus offers you daily, and how you can live that out amongst the nations. Join us for this event by registering HERE. See you there!