SHOCKWAVE- Join the Worldwide Prayer Movement

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Thousands of young people from countries around the world will participate in SHOCKWAVE this weekend. SHOCKWAVE is an international weekend of united prayer for persecuted Christians in countries such as North Korea, Iran, China, Syria and Nigeria. The theme for SHOCKWAVE 2013 is “Prayer and Unity.” Participants in former SHOCKWAVE events included young believers from South Africa, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, India, France, Brazil, Germany and the United States. This is the 12th annual SHOCKWAVE event sponsored by Open Doors.

According to SHOCKWAVE spokesmen, the event unites young people who are “passionate, committed and unashamed of Jesus.” They ask young people from around the world to be a voice that tells the story of the persecuted church, and be a group of “walking billboards” who unashamedly stand up for those who suffer for  following Jesus.

“SHOCKWAVE is an amazing way to have young people from around the world praying for the persecuted church,” says Steve Ridgway, Interim President/CEO of Open Doors USA. “Join with us and thousands of other young people in lifting up our suffering brothers and sisters in prayer this weekend.”

Open Doors USA will have prayers resources available this weekend on the Open Doors USA facebook page at

Additional resources for SHOCKWAVE are available at


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