Should We Be Allies With Countries on the World Watch List?

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

I came across this article the other day which highlights eight countries that the United States works with, despite their repressive leaders. Upon reading this, I discovered that seven out of the eight countries listed on here were on the Open Doors World Watch List. Not only are the leaders of these countries at fault for humanitarian crimes, but they are also major violators of religious freedom.

This is why advocacy is so important. We have to let our elected officials know that we are not ok with them supporting leaders who persecute Christians. Often these relationships with other countries are formed for the United States gain, but we cannot ignore the plight of our brothers and sisters who face persecution.

So take a moment and look over the countries in this article. Look over the countries on the World Watch List. Is there a country that you feel led to talk to your elected official about? Will you let them know that you desire for the United States to be an ally to countries that support human and religious rights. Let them know that this has to be a priority for the United States government. Through prayer and advocacy, we can make an important difference!

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