Shunned For His Faith

December 9, 2016 by Open Doors in

Your support gave Ravshan an answer for his hope in Jesus!

As he placed the last book on the shelf, Ravshan began to panic. Were the books in the same order he had found them in? He frantically tried to calculate the odds that his family would find the Bible hidden at the back. “Being discovered isn’t an option,” he reminded himself.

Being from a devout Muslim family meant that his conversion to Christianity wouldn’t be tolerated. Disownment? Prison? He had no idea what the outcome would be if his family found out. So when the day came… “If you don’t renounce Christ, you’re no longer part of our family”…Ravshan felt like his chest was going to burst. His other cousin added, “It’s better not to believe in God at all than to accept that Russian God!”

“How can I answer them?” Ravshan desperately prayed. He was a new Christian under attack — with no defense. “How can I share my faith in Jesus with my family? What if they throw me out?”

Soon after, God answered his prayer — in an incredibly straightforward way. His pastor approached him about sending him to a training seminar to learn about evangelism and defending his newfound faith. He could hardly believe what he was hearing.

“It was like the answer came from Heaven, so I said Yes,” Ravshan said. “I knew Jesus left the Church with the Great Commission, and I needed to learn how to clearly present the basics of my faith — I simply didn’t know how to do it.”

The 3-day seminar, made possible by your support, was attended by Ravshan and 50 other new believers from his region in Central Asia, all of them excited to learn about their faith and share the gospel with others. The entire third day of training was devoted to an important topic for Ravshan and the other attendees – sharing the gospel with Muslims.

“After taking part in this incredible seminar, I found myself encouraged and inspired to tell my friends about Christ and His salvation,” said Ravshan. “I even decided to share the Good News with my mother… thank you for providing the life-changing opportunity to learn how to share the gospel with people.”

Thank you for supporting seminars like Ravshan’s that are taking place around the world as you read this, helping the Church to grow in faith, as well as numbers. This training is furthering God’s kingdom where faith costs the most, and you’re playing a vital role in making it happen!

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