Something This Simple Can Make This Big Of An Impact

July 18, 2014 by Open Doors in

Advocacy By Kristin Wright, Director of Advocacy at Open Doors USA “I just feel so overwhelmed,” my friend told me, shaking her head. “It seems impossible to make a difference.” I nodded. Honestly, when I encounter immense human suffering, whether visiting with children in a refugee camp or watching tragedy unfold in the news, I often feel the same way. Overwhelmed. Helpless. Powerless to effect change in the world. Then I have to wake myself up. The reality is, while I may feel helpless when it comes to making a positive impact, I’m actually not helpless. I may feel powerless, but in reality I have a range of capabilities with which I can make a difference for those who are suffering. I simply need to have the courage to take action, to believe that my small action can actually have an impact. We’ve seen this time and time again. Just a few weeks ago, thousands of Open Doors supporters joined in raising awareness for Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan. Your voice made a powerful difference in this courageous woman’s life. Today, thanks to the combined efforts of people from around the world, she is free, reunited with her family, and hopeful of coming to the United States. Without people from around the world raising their voices on her behalf, Meriam would likely still be in prison with her two small children today, facing death by hanging for her faith. Your actions ‘ however small they may seem in the moment ‘ can make a tremendous impact around the world. Here are three practical actions that you can take in order to be a voice for the voiceless today. Stay Informed Sign up to receive regular email updates from Open Doors USA. You can learn about the real-life struggles of believers around the world, and how you can be a voice on their behalf. It’s crucial to stay informed in order to effectively share information about the persecuted church. Share Information We’re seeing the increasing impact of social media campaigns such as the one centered on Meriam Ibrahim’s case. Sharing information with your friends via social media helps keep a particular issue or story in the media spotlight. As you learn about stories of persecuted believers, take a moment to share the information within your social circles. Speak Out Open Doors provides regular opportunities for advocacy on behalf of the persecuted church. Frequent blog posts and email newsletters offer opportunities to contact your member of Congress, the US State Department, or the White House, in order to be a voice on behalf of suffering Christians. You can make a difference. Have courage today to be a voice for the voiceless around the world. Get More Information

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