Son Forbids Christian Couple to Host Church Inside Home

December 7, 2015 by Janelle P in

Please pray for Said Aka* (59), an elder in a church in a Tajikistan village. For ten years, he has let other Christians in the village gather at his house for Sunday services and a Bible study group. However, about a month ago, Alimjon*, his youngest son, came back from Russia, where he spent the last eight years. Before leaving Tajikistan, Alimjon had known that his parents were Christians, and even supported their faith. But while in Russia, he adopted an extreme form of Islam, which caused severe tension upon his return home.

Alimjon was furious to find that his parents still held gatherings at their house for local Christians. He told his father and mother that he would break the arms and legs of anyone who came to their house with a Bible.

From that point on, Alimjon wouldn’t let members of the local church come into the house, and told them it was no longer a safe place to practice their faith. He told members of the church that he was going to call the local Mullahs and villagers to punish those who believe in Christ. Said asked for forgiveness from the other Christians for the actions of his son.


1. For members of Said Aka’s church as they seek a new place of worship.

2. For God to protect Said and his wife from the anger of their son, Alimjon.

3. For Alimjon’s heart to be softened to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

*names are changed for security reasons

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