Store burned down because owner follows Jesus

September 2, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Persecution updates

Nirved* and his family have been Christians for over 10 years. The little village they live in, in northern Bangladesh, remains predominantly Hindu—and that’s the faith Nirved was raised in.

When word first got out that Nirved and his family had converted to Christianity, they experienced severe persecution; some people tried to force the believers to renounce their faith in Jesus several times, but Nirved and his family stood firm and refused.

Four months ago, Nirved’s father passed away. Those in the village demanded Nirved perform a Hindu ceremony. Since everyone in his family is a Christian, Nirved performed a Christian ceremony. This only upset the local villagers more.

On June 21, in the middle of the night, Nirved’s convenience store caught fire. Before the fire could be stopped, everything inside was completely burned. Nirved explained how he was always extra careful when closing his shop, making sure everything was put away correctly before locking up. In his eyes, there was no way anything caught fire on its own—the burning of his convenience store was an act of arson.

Two months later, Nirved still doesn’t know who or what started the fire, but he knows some of the villagers have been upset with him, his family and their faith in Jesus Christ. He suspects locals—people he interacts with each and every day—are the perpetrators.

The convenience store was Nirved’s only source of income. Losing his business has been extremely difficult and frustrating. He has even broken down several times—he doesn’t know what to do or how to start over.

Local Open Doors partners in Bangladesh are praying for Nirved and his family, and are seeking ways to help them all get back on their feet.

Stand with your family in prayer!

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Remember Nirved in your prayers. Let’s pray God will give him the endurance and strength to stand strong during this painfully hard time. Pray he’ll have the wisdom to deal with his crisis wisely, and not act out in aggression against his neighbors.

Let’s pray for Nirved’s entire family, that somehow they’ll feel God’s incredible peace during this time of uneasiness, doubt and hurt. Pray the right people step in and offer aid, and that Nirved and his family will never be in want, but have abundance.

Let’s also pray for Nirved’s community. God can do amazing things in their hearts—so let’s ask Him to do so. Pray that they’ll be filled with His love, and instead of meeting Nirved with hate, will greet him with the respect he deserves. Let’s pray their eyes be open to the true God, and that they’ll open their hearts to Him instead of destruction.

Lord God, please hear our prayers for our dear brother, Nirved.


*Name changed to protect identity

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